1. These Terms and Conditions for The Provision of Services (hereinafter - the Terms) govern the relationship between TEZRO Application owner TEZRO Swift UAB, registration number 305953774, registered office Eišiškių pl. 47-312, Vilnius, Lithuania (hereinafter - TEZRO) and the user of the application (hereinafter - the User) for the use of the Service provided by TEZRO.
    2. By using the TEZRO Service, the User agrees to abide by these Terms.
    3. Before using each TEZRO Service, the User is obliged to read the Terms.
    4. If the User does not agree with the Terms, the User is prohibited from using the TEZRO Service.
    5. These Terms apply to any use of the TEZRO Service and the resulting Purchase Agreements.
    1. TEZRO - TEZRO Swift UAB, registration number 305953774, legal address Eišiškių pl. 47-312, Vilnius, Lithuania.
    2. TEZRO Application - is an information platform-digital application named TEZRO, which enables individuals and legal entities to purchase products from Sellers, receive and use post-paid TEZRO tokens, as well as make payments for them.
    3. User - is a natural or legal person who uses the TEZRO Service.
    4. Seller - is a retail store or other TEZRO partner that has signed a partnership agreement with TEZRO and sells its Products through the TEZRO Application.
    5. Products - are auxiliary materials, household goods and other goods, the availability of which in the TEZRO Application has been ensured by the Seller.
    6. Purchase agreement - is an agreement on the purchase of the Seller's Products stipulated in the order.
    7. TEZRO Service - use of TEZRO Application technology, through which TEZRO acts as an intermediary between the User and the Seller to help them organize the purchase of Products more efficiently.
    8. Post-paid TEZRO token - the token assigned to the User in the TEZRO Application for each prepaid order EUR 1,00 (one euro), which the User has the right to use the next order for post-payment within 90 (ninety) days from the execution of the prepaid order. In case the User does not use the post-paid TEZRO token within 90 (ninety) days from the execution of the prepaid order, the respective post-paid TEZRO tokens are permanently deleted without prior notice.
    1. The User agrees to perform the registration procedure by keeping the secret phrase of 12 (twelve) words specified in the TEZRO Application and by filling in the registration form in the TEZRO Application.
    2. The 12 (twelve) word secret phrase specified in the TEZRO Application is a unique and unrepeatable phrase, which the User is obliged to keep (write down) only in a place accessible to the User. The user is forbidden to disclose or pass on to third parties the secret phrase of his / her 12 (twelve) words. Using the 12 (twelve) word secret phrase assigned to the User, the User will be able to access the User's account, as well as perform all actions in the TEZRO Application. After saving the secret phrase of 12 (twelve) words, the User confirms in the TEZRO Application that the showed phrase has been saved and continues the registration process.
    3. As long as the User Account is active in the TEZRO Application of the User's phone, the User may access his / her 12 (twelve) word secret phrase in the settings section of the TEZRO Application.
    4. The User understands that TEZRO and no other third party have access to the User's 12 (twelve) word secret phrase and in the event of its loss the 12 (twelve) word secret phrase cannot be restored.
    5. The User confirms in the TEZRO Application that he has read these Terms within the registration process. After reading these Terms, the User becomes bound by these Terms.
    6. When filling in the registration form, the User indicates his / her name, surname, as well as creates his / her unique username, which will be used in the Application. After entering the data required for registration specified in the registration form, the User must invent and enter a unique 4 (four) digit pin code in the TEZRO Application, which will be required for further actions in the TEZRO Application.
    7. In order to place orders, the User must enter the delivery address data in his / her profile in the TEZRO Application, as well as enter the data on the bank card belonging to the User.
    8. The User is responsible for the security and restriction of access to his User Profile in the TEZRO Application. All actions performed in the TEZRO Application using the User's account are considered performed by the User and are binding on the User.
    9. The User agrees that he is obliged to immediately notify TEZRO of all cases where unauthorized (unauthorized) access to the User's profile has occurred and / or security breaches have been identified.
    10. The User has the right to register only one profile in the TEZRO Application (it is forbidden to create several profiles). The creation of multiple profiles for the purpose of obtaining a misleading advantage is a violation of these Terms and may result in the immediate blocking of all User Profiles, as well as the impossibility of using all such usernames in the TEZRO Application.
    1. The legal relationship for the sale and purchase of the Products (as well as their delivery) arises directly between the Seller and the User. TEZRO is not a party to the transaction for the sale of the Seller's Products to the User.
    2. The User can place an order using the functionality of the TEZRO Application. The type of order and delivery terms are determined by the User, observing and using the conditions specified in the Application.
    3. To order the TEZRO Service, the User performs the following actions:
      1. The User selects the Seller's page;
      2. The User selects the Products from the product catalogue specified by the Seller;
      3. The User fills information about the delivery address (including the correct name of the settlement, street (boulevard, street, highway, cross line, etc.), house number (including building), staircase number, apartment number, floor, intercom code) or by selecting the current delivery addresses from the available options (when making each new order, the User is obliged to check the accuracy of the above data);
      4. If the User provides incorrect / erroneous information or TEZRO has serious reasons to believe that the information provided by the User is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, TEZRO has the right to suspend or cancel the User's registration and refuse to provide the Service to the User. In addition, TEZRO has the right to deduct the funds received from the User for the order, delivery and service fee as compensation for the costs and expenses of the services provided by the Seller;
      5. The User chooses partial / full post-paid with post-paid TEZRO tokens (if used);
      6. The User selects the payment method from the payment methods available in the TEZRO Application;
      7. The User makes a payment for the Order.
    4. Information on the quantity, availability, composition (if applicable), assortment and costs of specific goods is provided by the Seller. TEZRO places such data on the basis of the initial data provided by the Seller and is not responsible for the compliance of these Product parameters offered by the Seller.
    5. Product photos posted on the TEZRO Application are for informational purposes only, actual Products may not correspond to such photos.
    6. Before performing the Product and the TEZRO service, the User is obliged to carefully review his choice. Once the User has placed an Order, it cannot be cancelled by the User.
    7. TEZRO has the right to cancel the order or restrict the execution of orders if the Seller does not have the goods ordered by the User.
    8. Notices of delivery times provided to the User in the TEZRO Application are for informational purposes only and do not and cannot take into account circumstances beyond the control of TEZRO and the Seller, including: delays due to adverse weather conditions, traffic jams, etc.
    9. The User is responsible for the completeness, sufficiency and correctness of the data entered during the order. The User bears the risk of the consequences of incorrectly providing the information required to fulfil the order, including the fact that it is not possible to fulfil the order properly and make the delivery.
    10. TEZRO has the right to refuse the User to place an order if the User's previous orders have not been delivered due to the User's fault.
    11. TEZRO has the right to refuse the User to provide the TEZRO Service without notifying the User and / or without explaining the reasons.
    1. The User undertakes to personally receive the ordered Products or to ensure the presence of a third party at the place of delivery who is able to accept the order on behalf of the User.
    2. At the time of accepting the order, the User undertakes to check the compliance of the content of the order with the User's wishes. If problems are found with the delivered order, the User has the right not to accept such order.
    3. The delivery obligation is considered fulfilled at the time of delivery of the order to the address specified by the User.
    4. If in case of delivery of the Order the User is not at the place of receipt, does not answer calls or refuses to accept the Order (for reasons not related to quality / defects), TEZRO has the right to deduct the funds received from the User for the order. The User undertakes not to request such a sum of money from TEZRO.
    5. The User has the right to make claims in the TEZRO Application within 1 (one) hour regarding the quality of the Products, shortage, Courier actions and delivery conditions. TEZRO undertakes to review the User's claim within 1 (one) business day from the moment of receipt of the claim.
    6. If the User does not make a claim in the TEZRO Application within the mentioned term, the Order is considered fulfilled and accepted without claims.
    1. The User pays for the order by online payment (non-cash payment) in the TEZRO Application with a VISA / MasterCard bank card using the Stripe payment system. All additional costs for transferring money to the order are covered by the User.
    2. The User has the opportunity to link their bank card to their profile. The amount of any future order of the User will be automatically deducted from the bank card attached to the profile, without providing detailed payment card information.
    3. The User has the right to pay in full or in part for the order with post-paid TEZRO tokens. Post-paid TEZRO tokens entitle the User to make a deferred payment for the ordered Goods - the User must pay for post-paid TEZRO tokens no later than the term specified in the TEZRO Application by making monthly automatic payments in the TEZRO Application from the User's bank card attached to the TEZRO Application.
    4. Bank card transactions are approved by the bank. If the bank has reason to believe that the operation is fraudulent, then the bank has the right to refuse to perform the operation. Bank card fraud is a criminal offense.
    5. In order to avoid fraudulent payments with bank cards, TEZRO can, as far as possible, verify payments made with a bank card. The User who has made such a payment is obliged to submit a copy of the necessary documents to confirm the lawful use of the bank card upon TEZRO's request.
    6. In case of a refund, the money is refunded to the bank card used by the User to make the payment and the used post-paid TEZRO tokens are permanently deleted.
    1. The User, as a consumer, has the right to cancel the order of the Products within 14 days from the date of receipt of these Products.
    2. The User has no right to refuse the goods specified in the Consumer Rights Protection Law, including:
      1. Foods and products which, due to their nature, cannot be resold, perishable or expire (including cut flowers and flower arrangements);
      2. Goods which, by reason of their nature, have been irreversibly mixed with other goods after delivery;
      3. Games, films, computer programs and other sealed goods as soon as the packaging of such goods is opened;
      4. Hygienic and intimate goods after opening their packaging;
      5. For goods made to order according to the User's specifications and instructions.
    3. The User is entitled to cancel the order by contacting the Seller, subject to the above-mentioned withdrawal period, returning the Product to the relevant Seller at the point of sale, presenting the receipt received from TEZRO. TEZRO is not involved in such a procedure.
    1. All Intellectual Property rights in connection with the TEZRO Service and related documentation and all parts and copies thereof remain the sole property of TEZRO and / or its subcontractors / licensors. "Intellectual Property Rights" means copyright and related rights (including database and catalogue rights as well as photographic rights), patents, functional models, design rights, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets, know-how and any other registered or forms of unregistered intellectual property rights.
    2. These Terms do not grant the User any intellectual property rights in the TEZRO Service, and all rights not expressly granted herein are reserved to TEZRO and its subcontractors / licensors.
    3. Apple is not responsible for any investigation, settlement or claim arising out of the infringement of the intellectual property rights of any third party by the iOS TEZRO Application or your use of it.
    1. The Parties shall be liable for non-performance or incorrect performance of their obligations in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.
    2. TEZRO has the right to receive questions from the Users about the delivery of the order within 24 (twenty-four) hours from the date of delivery / expected delivery, and in order to avoid fraud, the User undertakes to provide materials with a photo / video about order damage or other quality / completeness violations, the requirements of the centre (including, but not limited to, the combination of numbers and letters on the order packaging at the request of the contact centre operator), providing a photograph of the processed order / goods). The User undertakes not to destroy the damaged order / goods until the situation is resolved.
    3. TEZRO has the right to verify the User using the telephone number provided during registration if there are any doubts or disputes, claims and complaints from Users who have not been verified (for example, who have registered using a virtual number for fraudulent purposes).
    4. The User agrees that all services are provided "as is" and that TEZRO is not responsible for the quality of the delivered goods, delays, defects, incorrect or untimely delivery (by Sellers, couriers or other third parties), defect payment systems , as well as the fact that the Sellers do not fulfil / improperly fulfil the User 's wishes indicated in the field "Comment".
    5. TEZRO reserves the right to cancel the User's order, block the User's account in cases when the User uses obscene, rude, obscene language or other immoral User behaviour in communication with TEZRO, the Courier, the Seller.
    1. If the User has any claims regarding the TEZRO Services or the operation of the TEZRO Application, the User is invited to first contact TEZRO, describing the situation and sending an e-mail to: info@tezro.com.
    2. If the complaint or claim is found to be unfounded, the User has the right to use the alternative dispute resolution options specified in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Lithuania. The User also has the right to apply for and receive assistance from the Consumer Rights Protection Centre of the Republic of Lithuania, an out-of-court dispute resolution body (if any) or a court.
    3. If disputes cannot be resolved through negotiations, they shall be resolved in the court of the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the Regulations and the applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Lithuania. Jurisdiction is determined by TEZRO's registered office at the time the action is brought.
    1. TEZRO has the right to unilaterally revise or change the Terms at any time, supplement, change, limit, expand the functional possibilities of the TEZRO Application, as well as unilaterally change the payment procedure and prices without any special notice to the User.
    2. The date of the last update is indicated when making changes in the current version of the Terms.
    3. The new version of the Terms comes into force from the moment it is placed in the TEZRO Application.
    4. The User is obliged to get acquainted with the current version of the Terms before using any TEZRO Services. Use of the TEZRO Application and TEZRO Services after the entry into force of the new version of the Terms means that the User agrees to it and the terms of the new version are applicable to him in full.

Date of revision: 01.05.2022.
Date of publication: 01.05.2022.